One Thousand Books Art Book Festival: Enjoy Public Art Gallery & La Fototeca


From Lodret Vandret:

Oct–Dec 2014: Enjoy Public Art Gallery, Wellington New Zealand, Jan–Nov 2015: La Fototeca, Guatemala City

"After the One Thousand Books Art Book Festival, a curated selection of books from the bookmarket will be packed in a specially designed wooden crate that will function as a traveling book exhibition and sales platform. The exhibition will travel all over the world and visit museums, art centers and bookshops."

Included publications:

One Minute, Loose Joints
Confessions of a Poor Collector, Edition Taube
Symptoms, Robandfugl
The Coach House / An Inventory. Joachim Schmid
The ABC of popular desire, Joachim Schmid
Untitled (Comic Book), Hato Press
Untitled (The positive reasons are more particular), Bronze Age Editions
The Last Frontier, Shelter Press
Like There’s No Tomorrow, Rupert
Pist Protta #72, Space Poetry
Pist Protta #70, Space Poetry
Clean Speech, MER Paper Kunsthalle
One In Many, MER Paper Kunsthalle
J E T M A S T E R, Kodoji Press
Contemporary Photography, Lodret Vandret
Matter, Lodret Vandret
SPBH Book Club Vol V, Self Publish, Be Happy
Bookcatalogtest, Rollo Press
Cities, Heavy Books
No particular future in mind, Hour Editions
OTB14, Various Imprints, Lodret Vandret
24 Advertisements, Pork Salad Press

The box: American pitch pine, German oak dyed with ferrous acetate, Wool / polyester felt, Polycarbonate. Crafted by Valdemar Jørgensen.

La Fototeca
Guatemala City, Guatemala 
January to March, 2015

Matthew Gamber