Visual Studies Workshop, Project Space Residency, June 25–July 14, 2018


I will be in residence at Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester to continue my research on the co-inventors of Kodachrome. From the site:

"For his Project Space residency, Matthew Gamber intends to continue an ongoing project titled “Lost Color of God and Man,” an evolving slideshow of three-color separations related to the historical geography of the inventors of Kodachrome, Leopold Godowsky and Leopold Mannes. Shot in Rochester locations where the inventors worked on their early color film experiments, these images serve as a reenactment of the light that the inventors might have experienced. How did they see color before they created a means to replicate it, and how did they imagine their tools recorded it? Gamber plans to create a series of prints of the overlapping images, and translate the slideshow into an artist book proposal for future publication."

Visual Studies Workshop
31 Prince St.
Rochester, MA 14607

Project Space One
June 25–July 14, 2018

Matthew Gamber